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Employment Incentive Program

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Program Description

The Employment Incentive Program (EIP) is a financing program that may be used in conjunction with traditional private financing to carry out economic development projects which will result in employment of low and moderate income persons.

Many types of projects can be financed with EIP funding. However, projects creating opportunities for low and moderate income persons to advance themselves by obtaining employment, greater job security, better working conditions, job training, enhancement of workplace skills and advancement opportunities receive the greatest consideration.

Downloads & Related Links

EIP Fact Sheet (PDF)
EIP Project Descriptions and Outcomes (PDF)
2015 Application Manual (PDF)

EIP Initial Project Assessment (IPA) Forms
EIP IPA (Word document)
Source and Use Statement for IPA - Infrastructure (PDF)
Source and Use Statement for IPA - Loan (PDF)

EIP Application Forms
DCA 1 - Application Summary (PDF)
DCA 2 - Proposed Accomplishments (PDF)
DCA 4 - Description of Needs to be Addressed (PDF)
DCA 5 - Description of Activities (PDF)
DCA 6 - Income and Civil Rights Benefit Calculation (PDF)
DCA 7 - Budget Summary (PDF)
DCA 8 - Budget Analysis (PDF)
DCA 9 - Environmental Review Information (PDF)
DCA 9A - Historic Preservation (PDF)
DCA 9B - Tribal Consultation Checklist (PDF)
DCA 10 - Certified Assurances (PDF)
DCA 11 - Cooperating Agreement Sample Format (PDF)
DCA 12 - Maps (PDF)
DCA 13 - Disclosure Report (PDF)
SAM Certification (PDF)
Civil Rights Certification (PDF)
Schedule of Existing Debt (PDF)
Source and Use Infrastructure (PDF)
Source and Use Loan (PDF)
Supplemental Information (PDF)
Checklist (PDF)

EIP Employee Survey Forms
An EIS Cert Sample for 2016 (PDF)
An EIS Cert Summary Sample (PDF)
An EIS Stat Cert 20% POV Sample (PDF)
An EIS Stat Cert Summary 20% POV Sample (PDF)

Contact Information

Brock Smith at (404) 679-1744.
Gabriel Morris at (404) 679-3174.
For Infrastructure; Loan; or Redevelopment Projects.

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