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Regional Economic Assistance Projects (REAP)

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Program Description

Regional Economic Assistance Projects (REAP) provides a mechanism for local and state governments and the private sector to cooperate on large-scale tourism-related projects with multiple uses that will create jobs and enhance the local tax base. REAP will assist in producing growth and development, particularly in rural areas, resulting in additional local tax revenue and providing high-caliber employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries. Upon meeting the requirements of the REAP statute and the REAP Rules, including local government endorsement and certification by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, a developer of a certified REAP project may apply to the Georgia Department of Revenue for a state license for the sale of malt beverages, wine, or distilled spirits by the drink for consumption on the premises only.

Downloads & Related Links

REAP Fact Sheet (PDF)
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Annual Progress Report (PDF)
Annual Progress Report Instructions (PDF)

Contact Information

For more information contact Sherron Alexander Jackson at (404) 679-0593.

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