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Disaster Resilient Building Construction (DRBC) Appendices Workshops

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) was awarded a grant through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to develop new disaster resilient building code (DRBC) Appendices for the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Building Code (IRC). A task force of 19 stakeholders were appointed to look for opportunities to improve any provisions relating to hurricane, flood, and tornado disasters. In addition to improving existing provisions in the codes, the task force developed new provisions that address these issues.

 The results:

Georgia State International Building Code

Appendix N Disaster Resilient Construction


Georgia State International Residential Code

Appendix R Disaster Resilient Construction

The optional appendices contain increased construction requirements (code plus) for disaster resilience that may be adopted in whole or part and are available for adoption by local jurisdictions in the State of Georgia beginning January 1, 2013.


Appendices Workshops

The state has developed and is conducting a comprehensive training program for building officials on the importance, implementation and enforcement of the disaster resilient construction appendices.

The training will focus on the provisions within the appendices and aide in helping a community to determine which options may apply to provide increased requirements beyond what may be currently enforced.

The one day workshops consist of (2) three hour sessions with a lunch break. The appendices workshops are provided free of charge and registration is required:

Contact DCA to register:
Dee Leclair, DRBC Project Manager
Phone: 404-327-7909
Email: dee.leclair@dca.ga.gov

Self-paced webinars coming soon.